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Switchable Smart Film Market will exhibit a CAGR of 15.7% during the forecast period and reach USD 9,026.9 million by 2027,and the Market value as per 2019 was USD 2,934.8 million.

fortune Business Insights, in a report, titled “Switchable Smart Films Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, By Type (Smart Films for Lamination, and Self-Adhesive Smart Film), Technology (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, Suspended Particle Device, Electrochromic, Thermochromic, and Photochromic), Application (Architecture, Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Electronics, Power Generation, and Others), and Regional Forecast, 2020-2027.”

Switchable Smart Film Market Drivers and Restraint:
Significant Demand from the Construction Industry to Incite Growth
The growing adoption of smart films in the building and construction industry will have a tremendous effect on the market. The increasing utilization of smart films to shield from UV rays and solar radiation in buildings will further spur the demand of the market. The rising inclination for maintaining ambient temperatures in closed infrastructures will create opportunities for the market. The use of these films has resulted in energy conservation owing to the reduced application of HVAC systems. The rising proclivity towards green and energy-efficient buildings will enable speedy expansion of the market. Moreover, the increasing acceptance of films in the automotive industry owing to its abilities to diminish sun glares. The rising demand for sunroof and windscreen equipped cars will further bolster the healthy growth of the market.
Declined Production and Operations to Thwart Market During Coronavirus
The constraint on the distribution and transportation of raw materials has created a hassle for the industry. The shutdown of manufacturing plants has directly impacted the supply chain of smart films. The dwindled operations in the automotive industry have further obstructed the demand of the market. However, the increasing adoption of films in hospitals and healthcare facilities owing to its ease in the disinfection process will consequently aid in backing the market during the pandemic.
List of Key Players Covered in the Switchable Smart Film Market Report:
• Smart Glass Group (U.S.)
• Smart Films International (U.S.)
• Polytronix, Inc. (U.S.)
• Glass Apps(U.S.)
• Scienstry, Inc.(U.S.)
• Pro Display (UK)
• Rayno Window Film (U.S.)
• SmartFilm (Lithuania)
• DMDisplay (Korea)
• Smart Tint, Inc. (U.S.)
• Smart Film Inc. (Canada)
• Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (Japan)
• Gauzy Ltd and Entities (Israel)
• Other Key Players
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Some of the key industry developments in the Switchable Smart Film Market Include:
May 2018: Smart Films International introduced a transparent smart film/glass, based on NCAP PDLC technology, with up to 1400mm (55”) width through technological innovation. The products include self-adhesive privacy film, self-tinting solar film, glass demo, and film samples.

February 2019: Gauzy Ltd. and Entities announced expansion through a second production facility in Germany that produces SPD-Smart light control film for the automotive and architectural industry applications. This will increase the production capacity of the company to 1 million square meters of SPD film per annum.

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