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10 Reasons 1-Testosterone is a stimulating Steroid

AAS Analysis:
10 Reasons 1-Testosterone is a stimulating Steroid

1-testosterone (dihydroboldenone), aka DHB, may be a steroid which has been growing in popularity recently but isn't new the bodybuilding world. DHB isn't a testosterone-based compound; it's merely the 5alpha reduced sort of Equipoise (boldenone). DHB acts during a much different way than standard Testosterone or EQ. DHB is that the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) version of equipoise like DHT is to Testosterone. 1-Test is one among the foremost potent present steroids to be isolated. From 2002-2005, 1-Testosterone was being sold as a supplement until being added as a category III drug in Jan. 2005. During this short 3 yrs, a number of these supplements sold with good success albeit the oral bioavailability isn't very high. Supplement companies were using 1-Testosterone in an oil solubilized softgels attached to an undecanoate ester (think Andriol/ Lymphatic delivery) also as Transdermal solutions/gels at the time. Both of those delivery methods have some positive effects but, the injectable preparations are quite simply, simpler. In most cases, DHB is attached to the cypionate ester. There are not any legit prescription DHB injectable preparations available, therefore the only options are all from underground labs (UGL) sources. Always use caution when using anything from UGLs. UGLs aren't regulated and are available with more risk for contamination. For this text, we are getting to focus mainly on 1-Testosterone Cypionate. Here are ten reasons why 1-testosterone may be a steroid that I find to be very interesting.

1.) DHB has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 200/100. As compared, testosterone's A: A ratio is strictly 100 (100:100), and Deca Durabolin is rated at 125: 37, so DHB is twice as anabolic as testosterone and almost twice as anabolic as Deca. However, let's not forget that rates given to anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are often misleading. DHB is extremely minimally androgenic. Side effects like aggression and vital sign increase are getting to be less likely to occur than with other steroids. Compared to other compounds, DHB is taken into account very mild, but this is often all relative to the dose used. 1-Testosterone doesn't cause significant stress on the kidneys or other organs. 1-Testosterone is understood to yield lean quality tissues gains with little to no bloat with low side effect potential.
2.) DHB is extremely anabolic and doesn't aromatize, which suggests it should yield nice lean muscle gains. DHB is more anabolic than testosterone, equipoise, and Deca Durabolin. Since there's no aromatization to estrogen, there's no got to worry about estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia or water retention. Beat all, DHB are often an excellent pre-contest hormone since it'll offer you minimal water retention. 1-Testosterone Cyp is great for helping to take care of muscle while on a contest diet, might be used for a lean bulk with relative ease by running it at moderate doses, or are often used with aromatizing compounds like Testosterone, Dianabol, or MENT for an all-out bulk when combined with a diet that reflects those goals.

3.) Unfortunately, Injectable DHB is understood to return with prominent post injection pain (PIP). This happens after the injection, and that I believe this might be since 1-Testosterone is an irritating substance on its own. This will even be experienced with a number of the transdermal solutions. The PIP may cause many to avoid DHB and miss out on the potential benefits. From my experience, the PIP seems to vary greatly from person to person. Almost like how some have PIP with steroids attached to the propionate ester. PIP also can vary counting on which underground lab is manufacturing the answer. Most ordinarily you'll find DHB dosed at 100-150mg/ml. The 150mg/ml is typically getting to cause more PIP than the 100mg/ml. to assist reduce the PIP, try diluting the DHB with another steroid or sterile oil like Grapeseed oil (sterilized). Heating the oil with a hot pad before doing the injection can sometimes help also as doing all of your injection slowly. Using less volume with each injection can sometimes help take a number of the snap at also, so rather than doing 2ml on Mon. and Thurs. you'll try doing 1ml Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Friday.

4.) Another potential negative drawback is that the volume of oil needed to offer the user a robust effect. 1-Testosterone is extremely almost like Primobolan when it involves the way they're dosed mg/ml and therefore the volume of oil that has got to be wont to reach the specified effect. Both DHB and Primo are typically dosed at 100mg/ml. Most users notice the simplest results once they recover from 400mg per wk. This suggests you're injecting an honest little bit of this painful oil into your muscles weekly. For many, this may prevent them from using this steroid.

5.) Curiously enough , DHB has some thermogenic properties, almost like trenbolone, mainly regarding sweating and in some cases insomnia. DHB gives very nice strength gains without hurting appetite so it is often a really nice bulker. Although it's going to share its name with equipoise or testosterone, users consider DHB more as trenbolone's baby brother. I personally desire this is often overstating the facility of DHB. Yes, it's an excellent anabolic, and that i desire it's a stronger compound than Primobolan but yet definitely milder than tren. The PIP makes it somewhat difficult to use in most cases, but I even have personally had 1-Test Cyp that had little or no PIP a time or two, and in those cases, it wasn't an inconvenience in the least to use. Meager side effects overall aside from the potential injection site pain and a small increase in blood heat. If you'll find a 1-Testosterone Cyp with little PIP that's from a trusted source, it's worth using both within the offseason and in contest prep counting on your diet and your goals. This compound could easily be implemented in either situation with great success. a bit like all steroids, DHB is suppressive, so a radical post cycle therapy (PCT) should be implemented unless you're on Testosterone replacement.

6.) 1-Testosterone is one among the few steroids which will be taken in oral form, transdermal solution, or in an injectable preparation. As stated above to experience the foremost benefits the injectable preparation is best except for some, the transdermal 1-Testosterone are often a pleasant addition or are often utilized by women in lower doses. Here is what a number of the standard doses were when DHB was being sold as a supplement before being placed on the list as a schedule III drug. When it had been dosed orally and packaged in an oily solution in gel cap form the oral dosing was 100-250mg daily. Transdermally, 75-100mg was applied daily. I personally enjoyed the transdermal version and ran it up to 200mg daily this version is hard to return by nowadays. Starter doses with the injectable cypionate version would be 100-200 mg added to TRT dose of test. Confine mind this is often a really mild dose, and personally, I felt just subtle changes from this dose. If you won’t to running only 1-200mg / wk of Testosterone for TRT then added in 200mg of DHB, you'd probably notice a touch effect, except for a bodybuilder running much higher doses, this is able to probably get to be doubled or tripled to note truth potential positive anabolic effects of this compound. Women have used this steroid at low doses like 25mg daily of the orally. Typically, the oral dosages are prepared much higher per cap. Injectable dosing for ladies is around 10-20mg per wk. Any use of this compound by a female could still very easily because masculinizing effects.

7.) When DHB is combined with moderate to higher doses of testosterone an AI should be used. This is often because 1-Testosterone features a high binding affinity to the androgen receptor which suggests there's an honest chance more testosterone goes to be displaced. This might very likely increase estrogen and free testosterone to above normal levels. For instance, for instance a bodybuilder.

is using around 400-500 milligrams (mg) per week of DHB with long ester testosterone dosed at 4-600mg/wk. Some guys may use 4-600mg of Testosterone by itself with no AI (I wouldn't recommend this, but some people escape with it) but when the 1-Testosterone is employed in conjunction with an equivalent dose of testosterone more of the testosterone are often aromatized which yields a better estrogen level.

8.) DHB does aromatize but only at a really low level. It’s not fully understood how. It’s speculated that the body could also be potentially inserting a covalent bond on its own at carbon-4. Even still estrogen related sides are usually very mild to non-existent with this compound by itself. If employed by itself or stacked with non-aromatizing agents, it shouldn't cause noticeable estrogenic side effects, like lethargy, low libido, or depressed mood. For this reason, it's an honest idea to stack some testosterone with it. Males got to have estrogen to function optimally and by keeping a minimum of a replacement dose of Testosterone in with the DHB cycle should accomplish this. The added testosterone will give the cycle another androgenic kick. The side effects aren't bad in comparison to stronger compounds like trenbolone, and are probably more in line with the side effects which will arise with Equipoise and/or Primobolan. As stated above, support supplements, blood work, and a full post cycle therapy (PCT) should be used in the least times.

9.) 1-Testosterone may be a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid. I even have heard a couple of people say it's not a Testosterone base, DHT base, or 19-Nor base but something different. This is often not correct. 1-Testosterone is what DHT is to Testosterone to Boldenone (EQ). Boldenone may be a Testosterone Derived Steroid and Dihydroboldenone is that the DHT derivative of Boldenone. This is often also why it's the classic DHT type results, Hardening, Strength, little to no water retention, low to no estrogenic side effects.
10.) 1-Testosterone is often an irritating substance to the skin. This has been known to not only cause some irritation within the transdermal formulas but also the PIP which most realize it for. One other thing that I found to be interesting was that some users may experience a small burning during urination from this compound. I personally noticed I felt like I had to urinate more frequently while on 1-Test Cyp once I got over 5-600mg/wk this is often also where I noticed the slight stinging or burning sensation. It had been very mild and honestly had I not been really listening to the small details I’ll have overlooked this.

In closing, my personal opinion on 1-Testosterone is that it is often a superb tool for bodybuilders who don't mind doing frequent, voluminous injections. It works great during a cut phase also as a lean mass building phase. Overall the side effects are relatively mild but to not be taken without any consideration. The anabolic effects are significant if you'll tolerate moderate or higher doses of this anabolic. 400mg+ is where you actually start to ascertain some changes. Do I feel it compares to Tren? No I don’t, but I do desire it works better than both Primobolan and EQ mg per mg, but EQ is simpler to use at higher mgs. The PIP is often severe in some cases and varies from person to person and batch to batch. I hope you guys enjoyed this text to shut I’m getting to offer you a couple of example setups. Here are a couple of hypothetical scenarios, this is often an example of how i might found out differing types of cycles with DHB after having used 1-Test Cypionate quite a couple of times.

Example 1: 1-Test Cyp as a part of a cutting stack would look something like this. For theoretical purposes, here is what a cut stack may appear as if while utilizing 1-Test Cyp for a male bodybuilder : 300mg of Test prop per wk (100mg on Mon, Wed, Fri), 3-450mg of 1-Test Cyp(100+150mg on Mon, Wed, Fri), with 300mg of Tren ace/wk (100mg Mon, Wed, Fri) and perhaps a lower dose of oral Winstrol or Anavar (25-50mg) on training days only. Ancillaries: Exemestane 12.5mg on Mon, Wed, Fri.

Example 2: 1-Test Cyp as a part of a bulking cycle would look something like this. 600mg of 1-Test Cyp (200mg Mon, Wed, Fri), 600mg of Test E or C (200mg Mon, Wed, Fri), 300mg of NPP (150mg Tues and Thurs), 25mg of Dianabol on training days.
GH- 2 IU pre-workout / 2 IU post workout
Ancillaries: Exemestane 12.5mg a day.

1-Testosterone (dihydroboldenone)

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