Eyelash Extension Lash Retention: All About It

There are multiple ways in which an eyelash extension supplier can keep the clients happy. One is excellent customer service. And the other being offering top-notch products. Besides, being knowledgeable also counts. Apart from all this, lash retention is one of the essential factors that can keep your clients happy. Perfect lash retention can insist on your clients from coming back to you.

Different Lash Adhesives for Different Temperatures

The first thing of consideration for lash retention is the adhesive. Using a superior-quality adhesive is very crucial. The best quality adhesive works between 45%-50% room temperature. But you can also use these adhesives at 60% humidity.
If you are new in the world of lashes, this glue might set too quickly for your pace. Especially when it is humid. You can pick an adhesive that is applicable for 70% humidity. Adhesives like this set slowly than the standard glue. So that means, you can place the eyelashes slower that you are required to.

The Volume Glue

The Volume Glue works between 30-30% room temperature and in 19-22 degrees. The Volume Glue is simply amazing for the cold months. The Volume Glue available with the eyelash extension supplier sets super-quickly.

The Ideal Temperature for Glue

For all the adhesives, the perfect temperature is 20-24 degrees. The adhesives wouldn’t work below 19 degrees or 26 degrees. You must focus on controlling the temperature instead of controlling the humidity. If you are a lash artist, you can work in all types of humidity levels. But ensure to set the temperature at the correct level.

Using the Correct Dose of Adhesive

Using excessive glue can make thick bases. Too much glue can also lead to bad isolation. And bad isolation leads to more than one natural lash sticking to one another. On the flip side, not using sufficient adhesive. Or an incorrect placement of lash can lead to the popping of extension. The popping happens when you brush through the eyelashes.

Clean Lashes Equal Strong Bond

Why is cleaning the natural lashes before beginning lash extension? Because the adhesives stick better on a good clean lash for bonding. Any kind of residues and oil from the makeup can lead to the weakening of the bond. Makeup residue also affects the lash extension. Before starting any lash extension, always use a good cleanser for lash cleaning before starting your application.
All these tips can make the clients happy and satisfied. Furthermore, they shall help you secure your position as the best eyelash extension supplier in town. Just make sure you have everything you need to assist your client in maintaining hygiene.

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