Marketing Automations in CRM Systems Pays Rich Dividends


Integrations are common in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family of business applications to make work easier for companies worldwide. Dynamics 365 Business Central integrating with Dynamics 365 for Sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrating with OneNote, MySQL integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 etc. are some of the many integrations facilitated by Microsoft to empower end users so that not only do they get to work more effectively but also get a chance to innovate.

Marketing Automation in Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities is possible through loads of options such as HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact, ClickDimensions and Marketo. Integrating one of these tools with Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities opens up end users to features such as email marketing, web intelligence, campaign automation, lead scoring, event management, landing page development, web forms and surveys.

Given below are a few benefits of Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities that have some exciting benefits to offer. Just like a Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Integration with a Dynamics 365 business app, this too ensures that all parties involved, sales, marketing or service professionals, get to push themselves better than before. Interested parties should contact their nearest Microsoft Partner for more details on Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Pricing.

  • Lead Nurturing: This entails delivering relevant content and follow-ups to leads to build their interest around a product and close out the sale in the process. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM capabilities helps in many ways to make this happen, ranging from automating the entire process, to scheduling activities and follow-ups and documenting information assimilated from conversations with the lead to help deliver the most quality content and nurturing those leads in such a way that they result in higher conversions.

  • Lead Scoring and Qualification: This is meant to help assist sales teams in targeting prospects in such a way that they become most profitable or end up making a purchase. This can be based both on their level of interest in the product/service and how far along they are in the sales cycle. Teams employed in various organizations across all levels must make the most out of lead scoring and qualification features to get maximum results out of their sales efforts and bring in most revenue possible through efforts directed at real marketing opportunities.

  • Reporting & Analytics: Reporting & Analytics appears on almost every short list of requested features in CRM solutions. R&A is meant to provide insights into many different business areas, that include the likes of front office productivity, sales success rates, campaign effectiveness etc. to help improve business processes an optimize campaigns for greater results.

  • Email Marketing: Targeted email blasts go a long way in reaching out to the most preferred customers. Thousands of personalized emails can be sent out at the first attempt itself simply by selecting customer lists and a few parameters. This is one of the most remarkable and frequently used features after companies go in for a Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Integration.

Summary: These marketing automations in CRM systems pay off rich dividends provided they are used smartly by the concerned personnel employed in organizations in relevant departments.

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