Some Home Décor Ideas with Traditional Indian Painting

 What exactly comes to your mind with the word ‘tradition’? Something rich by its entire means is sometimes rigid, and that makes us go back to check our roots? But the interesting fact is tradition is not only attached to richness. We do not have to go back to any time to make it alive. Art is the most exciting and independent way to celebrate and portray the richness of our tradition. India has always been the home to one of the richest cultures in the world. Therefore, when it comes to painting, it is one of the best.

How do you make your home the epicenter of modern and traditional art?

You want to make your home the epicenter of modern and traditional art? Do you desire to stand on a different path when it comes to home décor? Try accumulating the Indian traditional paintings. Place them on the various corners of the wall. The décor has lots to do with the color and the furniture you are using. It is not always possible for us to go back to the golden old days and taste the golden times. Hence, we can add them to our routine to be reminded about all of the richness we still imbibe.

Traditional Indian painting is a vast genre. One needs to choose from the massive range of what is suitable for one's interior. The Indian craftsmen have worked in all the significant areas. The diversity of the paintings includes; Madhubani Paintings: this falls under one of the oldest techniques where the artist could capture the love stories or the old ballads in long rolling papers. Find a perfect corner of your home that is not that bright but can attract all the eyes and just hung one Madhubani Painting there and one focus light from the top. 

Ideas that will help you to give a new look to your home!

The Phad paintings: These are gorgeous paintings to give your home that traditional look. You can also add some extra flavors just by placing two Bandarwars with the canvases. It will make it complete and you proud! Now let us shift our eyes to the period that brought us the beautiful Mughal Paintings. 

Royal Paintings: If you plan for a royal bedroom, and choose the primary colors, do not go for the old furniture. Instead, just ensure you have the royal village paintings placed in the right place. The bright yet sober portraits can surely take you to the days where there were queens and kings, and do not be flattered if you start to feel like one. 

Pithora Paintings: The Pithora or the Saura paintings are a great choice to make your drawing room have that perfect traditional look. If you have already made up the plan and are all set to go with ideas, choose wisely and according to rooms and other decors. If you are ready to add aesthetics, then nothing can beat the paintings.


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