Why Do You Need to Hire A Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner?

With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the older versions of the ERP and CRM solution has taken a back seat, and with that a new batch of professionals have made their way into the industry: The Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners. However, a lot of existing users are hesitant about seeking their assistance and think it would suffice them to rely on the in house IT professionals for implementation and other relative processes. Here we will discuss the three scenarios where you may want to hire a Dynamics 365 Service Partner.

Three reasons why you need to hire a Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner:

1.     Your organization needs to migrate to cloud ERP: even though it appears a bit too much for an organization to migrate all its IT-intensive resources to a cloud platform, it is becoming almost mandatory with ERP solutions. This is because ERP requires a certain amount of integration capabilities and flexibility which can hardly be achieved with the traditional on premise deployment.


Thus, with on premise becoming legacy ERP and lesser and lesser flexible to cope up with the changing needs of the market, the cloud based Dynamics 365 is taking over. In order to migrate to cloud successfully, you might want to hire a reliable Dynamics 365 Service Partner as they are completely aware of the know-hows of the deployment and migration.


2.     Your organization has existing cloud ERP and/or CRP solution: in case you are all set and well to do with the cloud based ERP and CRM solution, and think that you do not need the Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners then you are wrong. As long as Dynamics 365 is relevant to you, so are the consulting expertise entailing it.

With cloud based Dynamics 365 and its integration capabilities you can work across Outlook, Office, OneNote etc. Dynamics 365 Implementation partners offer you the relevant assistance to help you cope with the concerning processes.


3.     You need assistance in making the most of Microsoft AppSource: once you commit to Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solution, you entitle yourself to several aspects of customizations and optimizations that you can explore to derive the maximum value out of the investment. One of these opportunities is access to Microsoft AppSource.

AppSource is an online market place where you can get third party add-ons and content packs which will help you extend the functionalities of your deployment and personalize it as per your needs.


In order to utilize the large ecosystem of AppSource to its fullest potential, you need a trusted and efficient Dynamics 365 Service provider.

To conclude, it is absolutely beneficial and necessary to find a trustworthy and efficient Dynamics 365 Implementation partner and work in sync to derive the maximum value out of the solution.


This article is about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partners. It enlightens the readers about the various ways that the service providers prove to be an integral part of the implementation and integration process of the ERP and CRM suit.

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